1. Two Kinds of Anti-racists: Identitarian and Universalist (I am in the second group.)
  2. “Systemic Racism” Can’t Explain the USA — but Class Mobility Can
  3. Who Am I to Write about Race?
  4. No one is denying that racism exists
  5. Why do I have two Medium magazines?

I know some readers are only interested in my thoughts on storytelling and others are only interested in my thoughts on politics, so I try to keep both groups happy.

  1. The Man in the Red Mask is about storytelling. It began with a focus on adventure stories and comics, but I will be posting a wider range of material there.
  2. A Universalist in an Identitarian Age is about politics. It’s mostly about identitarianism, but it often touches on democracy, free speech, socialism, and human rights.

If you’re currently following me as an author and find the number of posts overwhelming, pick a zine or two. I’ll do almost anything a writer can do to please readers except lie to them.

If you’re losing an argument with me and are too proud to admit defeat, please feel free to insult me instead.